The West Virginia Town Defying Stereotypes

The fiddler breaks a string mid-song. The band being an instrumental trio, the change is noticeable immediately, but the fiddler strums on. Her face makes a slight grimace at moments where the string is particularly missed. Thunder roils outside.  She wears a black tunic, black ankle boots and dark rimmed glasses. Between the fiddler’s style, … Continue reading The West Virginia Town Defying Stereotypes

Patti B and Mesa V(erde)

Breakfast in the morning was mint chocolate chip donuts, procured from Sedona Arizona’s eponymous “Sedonanuts” and lunch was a ham hoagie ordered from the Subway in Meteor Crater’s gift shop. Ordering dinner in Shiprock New Mexico’s That’s A Burger, I was feeling a bit disoriented, as one does when they’ve driven 350 miles in a … Continue reading Patti B and Mesa V(erde)

Petrified Forest: The Little National Park that Could

National Parks of the US give their visitors a park map and newsletter as they enter. The contents usually cover the local flora and fauna, popular hiking trails and park history, as well as recent goings-on like nature walks and seasonal advisories. Newsletter introductions are proud ones, affirming the importance of the park — Mesa … Continue reading Petrified Forest: The Little National Park that Could

The Floating City

Whenever I hear people speak of Venice, it’s to say one of three things: “That’s number one on my bucket list” “The most romantic place in the world” “It smells like garbage. Too Crowded” The first speaker tends to have eyes glistening, gazing somewhere in the distance as they imagine Carnival and endless canals. The … Continue reading The Floating City