The Old Heart of San Francisco

34 thoughts on “The Old Heart of San Francisco”

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    San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. This is a wonderful tribute to the old, pre-gentrified San Francisco. San Francisco is like its own country unto California, perched atop the hills peering out of the Bay, where everyone tries to coexist in this exorbitantly expensive city. It can be the most beautiful place on earth and the most downtrodden. There’s nothing like taking a hike up to the Presidio every morning to see ships passing by in the fog. It is a small city but contains the best pizza, chowder soup, seafood, Chinese food, curries and everything. It’s a city that tries to be kind to its inhabitants despite the sky high rents, everyone coexisting in this beautiful city the best they can.


    1. Thanks, happy to hear it’s a good tribute! And definitely, SF has so many nooks to it that one block can be totally lux and the next can be completely trashed. I love that about the city. The pupusas are great too, can’t forget about the pupusas!

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      1. As with most great cities in this country or around the world even, it’s a contradiction of everything. Wealth and poverty, happy and downtrodden, good and bad, all coexisting together trying to do this thing call life. I love your post. It was beautiful.

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  2. Thank you it’s fascinating and it’s the first time I discover San Fransisco with a completely different point of view . I want so much to go there , maybe next summer as my wonderful sister in low lives in Big Sur, she’s a great painter too.
    From Paris good buy ……


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